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Outdoor camera in Miami
August 27, 2020

What To Ask For When Buying A Home Security Camera In Miami

It's easy to see why most home security systems include at least one home security camera in Miami. However, with all the different types and options for cameras, it's tricky to know what you actually need. Do you buy one from a big-box store and set it up yourself? Or should you to have your cameras installed by a specialist? Should you look for a camera that records in full HD? And what's better, an exterior camera right under the overhang or a doorbell camera?

To explore these questions and more, here is what you should look for in a Miami home security camera.

Three types of security cameras in Miami

Types Of Home Security Cameras in Miami

Here are the three most common types of home security cameras in Miami. Each one has a specific purpose and can easily integrate with your home security system:

  • Outdoor home security camera: These kinds of cameras hang on the exterior of your house and offer a view of your yard and main entryways.

  • Indoor home security cameras: Indoor cameras attach to a wall or are placed on a level surface, and usually show one room in your home.

  • Doorbell cameras: A doorbell camera replaces your old doorbell and provides a view of your porch.

What Makes A “Good” Security Camera In Miami?

Take a quick look down the security camera aisle in your local retail store, and you’ll quickly see that there’s a lot of discrepancy in camera quality and specs. Here’s a list of what you should look for in your home security camera:

  • Wide field of vision: In most cases, you will want your camera to see as much terrain as possible. Without a wide-angle lens, you have a higher chance of blind spots and areas for people to hide. Try to find cameras with at least a 140° to 180° field of vision.

  • Low-light clarity: It doesn’t do you much good if your security cameras cannot see what’s going on when it’s dark. Look for a camera that includes infrared LEDs that provide nighttime illumination.

  • HD resolution: The days of pixelated blobs should be in the past. Only research cameras that record and livestream in 720 high-definition or more.

  • Sturdy construction: Your outdoor security cameras should be able to withstand poor weather conditions like storms, heat waves, or frigid temperatures (some even have a built-in heater). Your interior cameras should still work if they’re bumped or lightly fall to the floor.

  • Motion sensors: Even though you can program your cameras for a non-stop record, that takes a lot of power. Instead, look for a security camera with motion sensors that begins to automatically record when it detects movement.

  • Two-way communication: The top doorbell cameras include an intercom system, which makes it easy to talk with visitors without opening the door. However, similar 2-way audio functionality can be found functionality with interior or exterior cameras, too.

  • Wireless capabilities: A wireless camera can be added anywhere on or in your home, and is easy to move if you’d like it somewhere else. This approach is usually preferable to wiring your camera straight into a power line.

  • A user-friendly mobile app: What good is a security camera if it’s a complicated mess to manage? Get cameras that come with a mobile app that allows you to watch live feeds in HD, record and email clips, and receive alerts when your cameras perceive movement. It helps when your mobile app also syncs with your overall security and home automation system.       

Should You Have Your Home Security Cameras Installed By A Pro?

Once you have learned what you want in a home security camera, you have to choose how you’re going to install your cameras. If you’re good with tools, you may be able to install your cameras yourself. However, if you’re not sure the best spots for your cameras, or have questions about the components, it’s better to get professional installation. Specialists, like Secure24 Alarm Systems, know the best spots to hang your cameras for ultimate security and show you how to use the mobile app. You may also consider professional installation if your security cameras sync with a complete residential security system.

Buy The Best Home Security Cameras in Miami With Secure24 Alarm Systems

The best home security cameras with professional installation in Miami come from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Simply contact us at (305) 563-8665 or fill out the form below to get your no-cost quote. We’ll show you your your ideal options and how your cameras can become an important part of your residential security system.